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Researchers brainstorming on an impact assessment survey


Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Project. A collaborative research project with Crops Research Institute for the development of cowpea, soybean, and groundnut varieties for farmers to improve on their farming systems. The objective of this project was to develop high yielding varieties of cowpea, soybean and groundnut that are resistant to pests and diseases and possess acceptable consumer characteristics. The project was conduct in the major agro ecological zones of Ghana.

Stakeholders discussing food security


Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Project. A collaborative project with the Crops Research Institute on Food Security in Ghana. This project was undertaken to bridge a hunger gap through the dissemination of improved varieties of cowpea, soybean and groundnuts to increase yields and guarantee incomes for farmers and households. The project was funded by FAO and executed by CRI and other Extension agencies.

A tarining participant having gone through a Business Acceleration Clinic


  • Deutsche Gesellschaft fur International Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) Project. A collaborative project with National Board for Small Scale Industries (NBSSI) in the training of youth in entrepreneurial skills in some selected Districts of Ghana. This project is targeted towards the youth who are unemployed and have the desire to travel beyond the shores of Ghana. They are given training in Entrepreneurship and skills development.

image of participants undertaking project


British Council (EEUY). A collaborative project with Innohub in the development of unemployed youth under the programme Enhanced Employability for Urban Youth (EEUY). An entrepreneural programme to impart knowledge, skills and attitude into the enterprising youth

British Council with National Entrepreneurial and Innovation Programme. A programme designed to train unemployed graduates to identify business ideas and develop them into implementable projects.

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