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we have realised that getting funding for start-ups to take off with their business has become a challenge. The challenges could be identified in two ways. First, the start-ups do not know where and whom to contact for finance and the second challenge is how the start-ups could package themselves in order to attract funding.

In view of the challenges identified, Jokoem Innovation Hub packaged a programme titled "Financial Markets" to expose start-ups to the funding alternatives. The training took place at Koforidua on March 14, 2024. The programme was sponsored by the Ghana Economic Transformation Project (GETP) sponsored by the World Bank through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning (MFEP).


Describe the reasons for businesses seeking finance

•Describe important types of financial institutions

•Explain slope of supply and demand for loanable funds

•Explain shifts in supply and demand curves

•Features of Islamic finance

•How businesses can use fintech to raise funds

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