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How to Reduce Cost Of Poultry Production

Poultry production in Ghana is one of the key food production enterprise meant to supplement protein in our diet. It is an undisputed fact that cost of production has been on the ascendency due to high cost of inputs and other operational activities. Most poultry entrepreneurs do not have control over the cost of feeds for the poultry. The main ingredients used in feeding poultry in Ghana are maize and soybean. Humans and animals for that matter compete for these primary raw material. One key solution to the challenge of increasing feed cost is for poultry entrepreneurs to add planting of feed to their poultry production value chain. All things being equal, this step could go a long way in reducing increasing cost of poultry production in Ghana. Jokoem Consulting Group is in a position to offer technical solutions to this particular sector in our food production chain.

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